The largest expansion of the University of Glasgow since it’s move to Gilmorehill in more than a century

The University of Glasgow has embarked on one of the biggest educational infrastructure projects in Scotland’s history. With around £430m forecast to be spent between 2017 and 2021 as part of a wider £1bn ten-year investment. M55 is delighted to support both the redevelopment of significant Grade A listed buildings in the existing campus and…

Miner on the Moon

M55 was delighted to enable Illuminate Productions to deliver its Grand Finale piece Miner on the Moon –also known as the upside down house – by Alex Chinneck for the Merge Festival in Bankside London. Early progress on the piece had stalled and, drawing on contacts in both Arup and MACE, M55 was able to bring the necessary resource to the project in time to deliver the festival Grand Finale. The full team worked pro-bono in support of the arts and M55 is commited to supporting community projects.

The piece received world-wide media coverage to great acclaim and was very popular with the both the local community and business leading to an extended display period